RFC Reference: N/A

Number of Instances Allowed: 0, 1

Format: Date-Time ([RFC2445] section 4.3.5), Date ([RFC2445] section 4.3.4)

Brief Description: Specifies the original start time of a meeting on a counter proposal.

Importing to and Exporting from Calendar objects

If the METHOD property of the VCALENDAR component is set to 'COUNTER', this property SHOULD<255> be directly mapped to PidLidAppointmentStartWhole, and PidLidAppointmentDuration SHOULD<256> be set to the number of minutes between X-MS-OLK-ORIGINALSTART and X-MS-OLK-ORIGINALEND.

For other values of METHOD, X-MS-OLK-ORIGINALSTART MUST be ignored and MUST NOT be exported.