Processing a Conversation Action on Outgoing E-mail Objects

When the client saves a copy of an outgoing E-mail object, the client SHOULD<41> perform additional processing on the copy of the E-mail object in the Sent Items special folder.

As specified in section, the client SHOULD locate the conversation action FAI message, as specified in section 2.2.8, in the conversation actions Settings special folder with bytes 6-21 of the PidTagConversationIndex property (section corresponding to the PidTagConversationId property ([MS-OXOMSG] section of the sent E-mail object. If no FAI message is found, the client SHOULD NOT process any conversation actions on the sent E-mail object.

If the PidNameKeywords property (section is set on the FAI message, the categories in the FAI message SHOULD be appended to the PidNameKeywords property of the sent E-mail object.