RopLogon ROP Success Response Buffer for Private Mailbox

The following descriptions define valid fields for the success response buffer for private folders of the ROPLogon ROP ([MS-OXCROPS] section The following field values are included in the RopLogon response only when the Private bit is set in the LogonFlags field of the RopLogon request (section

LogonFlags: This field is composed of the Private, Undercover, and Ghosted flags. The server returns these flags unchanged from the LogonFlags field of the RopLogon request (section The client MUST ignore all other flags.

FolderIds: This field identifies the folder ID (FID) ([MS-OXCDATA] section of all of the following folders:

  • Mailbox Root folder. All other folders listed here are direct or indirect children of this folder.

  • Deferred Action

  • Spooler Queue

  • Interpersonal messages subtree (Root folder of the user-visible portion of the folder hierarchy)

  • Inbox

  • Outbox

  • Sent Items

  • Deleted Items

  • Common Views

  • Schedule

  • Search

  • Views

  • Shortcuts

Response Flags: This field contains flags that provide details about the state of the mailbox. Individual flag values and their meanings are specified in the following table.






This bit MUST be set and MUST be ignored by the client.



The user has owner permission on the mailbox.



The user has the right to send mail from the mailbox.



The Out of Office (OOF) state is set on the mailbox. For details about the OOF state, see [MS-OXWOOF].

ReplId: This field contains the short form of the value specified in the REPLGUID field, which is the replica ID for the logon.

ReplGuid: This field contains the GUID used to identify the source of the REPLID to REPLGUID mapping and named property mappings. If the client did not set the USE_PER_MDB_REPLID_MAPPING bit in the OpenFlags field, this value MUST be identical for all private mailbox logons on the same remote procedure call (RPC) session.

LogonTime: This field contains the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) time on the server when the logon was performed. For more details about the format of this field see [MS-OXCROPS] section

GwartTime: This field contains a numeric value that tracks the currency of the Gateway Address Routing Table (GWART). This value is unique for each update of the GWART.

The client can use the value of the GwartTime field to determine whether the client's address type configuration data is current. If the most recent value of GwartTime matches the one that was returned on the previous logon to the mailbox, the client's address-type configuration data is up-to-date.

The client only uses the value of GwartTime in a comparison to detect a change; it does not interpret the value of GwartTime in any way.

StoreState: This field is unused and MUST be set to 0x00000000 by the server and MUST be ignored by the client.<8>