Sync Command Response

When a client uses the Sync command request ([MS-ASCMD] section to synchronize its Notes class items for a specified user with the notes currently stored by the server, as specified in section, the server responds with a Sync command response.

Any of the elements for the Notes class, as specified in section 2.2.2, can be included in a Sync command response as child elements of the airsync:ApplicationData element ([MS-ASCMD] section within either an airsync:Add element ([MS-ASCMD] section or an airsync:Change element ([MS-ASCMD] section

When an existing note is updated by using an airsync:Change element in a Sync command request, the command request will contain required all elements of the note. If the Categories element (section or a child of the Categories element (section that was previously set is missing, the server will delete that property from the note. The absence of an airsyncbase:Body element (section or a Subject element (section within an airsync:Change element is not to be interpreted as an implicit delete.

If the airsync:Supported element ([MS-ASCMD] section is included in a Sync command request for Notes class data, the server returns a Status element with a value of 4, as specified in [MS-ASCMD] section