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The email2:ReceivedAsBcc element is an optional element that indicates to the user that they are a blind carbon copy (Bcc) recipient on the email. It is defined as an element in the Email2 namespace.

The value of this element is a boolean data type, as specified in [MS-ASDTYPE] section 2.1.

Clients MUST not change the email2:ReceivedAsBcc element value. If the client changes this element value, the server responds with Status element ([MS-ASCMD] section value of 6 in the Sync command response ([MS-ASCMD] section

The email2:ReceivedAsBcc element is not included in the command response if the value is 0 (zero, meaning FALSE).

Protocol Versions

The following table specifies the protocol versions that support this element. The client indicates the protocol version being used by setting either the MS-ASProtocolVersion header, as specified in [MS-ASHTTP] section, or the Protocol version field, as specified in [MS-ASHTTP] section, in the request.

Protocol version

Element support








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