Processing DAMs and DEMs

If the client creates any rules (2), the client SHOULD check the DAF for DAMs and DEMs placed in that folder and process the ones identified by the PidTagRuleProvider property value (section the client supports. The DAF is a special folder that the server creates, as specified in section The server places a message in the DAF either when it needs the client to perform an action (2) as a result of a client-side rule (DAM) or when it encounters a problem performing an action (2) of a server-side rule (DEM). When the server creates a DAM, it updates the PidTagDeferredActionMessageOriginalEntryId property (section, which is then used by the client in the ServerEntryId field of the RopUpdateDeferredActionMessages ROP request buffer (section 2.2.3).

After the client connects to the server, it inspects the contents of the DAF, as specified in [MS-OXCFOLD] section, for new DAMs or DEMs. The client processes DAMs and DEMs as specified in section and section