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1.4 Relationship to Protocols and Other Algorithms

The representation of e-mail messages, calendar items, and other Personal Information Manager (PIM) objects by Message objects and their properties is described in [MS-OXOMSG], [MS-OXOCAL], and related specifications.

In contrast, e-mail messages, calendar items, and other PIM objects are represented as textual streams (2) when sent over the Internet using established e-mail protocols. The textual representation of these streams (2) is commonly referred to as RFC2822 format and/or MIME format, as described in [RFC2822], [RFC2045], [RFC2046], [RFC2047], [RFC2048], and [RFC2049].

Conversion between the MIME format and the Message object format is performed in the context of several different protocols. For example:

For conceptual background information and overviews of the relationships and interactions between this and other protocols, see [MS-OXPROTO].

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