1.6 Applicability Statement

This protocol was designed for the following uses:

  • To support the replication of mailbox content between clients and servers.

  • To support client-driven copying of data between multiple mailboxes on multiple servers.

  • To support exporting or importing of data to or from a mailbox.

This protocol provides high efficiency and complete preservation of data fidelity for the uses described in this section. However, use of the protocol is not appropriate in the following scenarios:

  • For those copying data between folders in the same mailbox, or different mailboxes residing on the same server. Consider using the RopCopyTo ROP, as described in [MS-OXCROPS] section, for maximum efficiency.

  • For those requiring detailed control over the set of information that has to be transferred for each message. Consider using other ROPs described in [MS-OXCROPS] that provide access to individual parts of messages.

  • For those that impose constraints on the amount of data that has to be passed over the wire or stored on the client.

  • For those that do not allow for persistence of state information on the client between runs.