Sent to a Specific Distribution List

The template for a search that finds messages sent to specified distribution lists has the following characteristics and settings:

  • Template ID: 9

  • Folders excluded: Sync Issues folder ([MS-OXOSFLD] section 2.2.1), Deleted Items folder, Junk E-mail folder

  • Items excluded: Appointments, contacts, distribution lists, journal items, sticky notes, tasks

  • Value of the PidTagSearchFolderStorageType property (section 0x0000004E (flags B, E, F, and G)

  • The affected fields of the PidTagSearchFolderDefinition property (section are as follows:

    • FolderList2: An EntryList structure ([MS-OXCDATA] section 2.3.1) that contains the folders to be searched. This will include all mailbox folders, except the ones specifically excluded by this template.

    • SearchRestriction: A Restriction structure (section that describes messages sent to the distribution lists specified by the Addresses field.

    • Addresses: An AddressList structure (section that contains the distribution lists by which to filter sent messages.

    • TextSearch: A list of the names of the distribution lists by which to filter sent messages.