Rename logins matching fixed server role names

SQL Server 2014

Upgrade Advisor detected one or more user-defined login names that match the names of fixed server roles. Fixed server role names are reserved. Rename the login before you upgrade.

Database Engine

The following fixed server role names are reserved and cannot be used as user-defined login names.

  • sysadmin

  • serveradmin

  • setupadmin

  • securityadmin

  • processadmin

  • dbcreator

  • diskadmin

  • bulkadmin

Before upgrading, perform the following steps:

  1. Record the security identifiers (SIDs) of the logins by executing the following statement.

    SELECT name, sid   
    FROM master.dbo.syslogins   
    WHERE name IN('sysadmin', 'serveradmin','setupadmin', 'securityadmin','processadmin', 'dbcreator','diskadmin','bulkadmin')  
  2. Drop the logins.

  3. Use the sp_addlogin system procedure to create new logins. Specify the SID returned in step 1 in the @sid parameter for each corresponding login.

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