2.8.2 PropertyRowSet Structures

A PropertyRowSet structure, as specified in section, is a counted series of PropertyRow structures. As for PropertyRow structures, the number of columns in each PropertyRow structure is not included in the PropertyRowSet structure.

In table operations, such as in the response to a RopQueryRows ROP request ([MS-OXCROPS] section, column values larger than 255 bytes (for binary types) or 255 characters (for string types) can be truncated by the server for performance reasons. Clients analyzing data returned from table operations can assume that if the length of such a value is exactly 255 bytes or characters, then the value of the same property obtained by opening the message and issuing a RopGetPropertiesSpecific ROP request ([MS-OXCROPS] section is likely to be larger.

The PropertyRowSet_r structure, as specified in [MS-NSPI], is an encoding of the PropertyRowSet data structure. The permissible number of PropertyRow structures in the PropertyRowSet_r data structure exceeds that of the PropertyRowSet data structure. For more details, see section The semantic meaning is otherwise unchanged from the PropertyRowSet data structure.