EcDoAsyncConnectEx Method (Opnum 14)

The EcDoAsyncConnectEx method binds a session context handle returned from the EcDoConnectEx method, as specified in section, to a new asynchronous context handle that can be used in calls to the EcDoAsyncWaitEx method in the AsyncEMSMDB interface, as specified in section This call requires that an active session context handle be returned from the EcDoConnectEx method.

This method is part of notification handling. For more information about notifications, see [MS-OXCNOTIF].

 long __stdcall EcDoAsyncConnectEx(
      [in] CXH cxh,
      [out, ref] ACXH * pacxh

cxh: A session context handle. The client MUST pass a valid session context handle that was created by calling the EcDoConnectEx method. The server uses the session context handle to identify the Session Context to use for this call.

pacxh: An asynchronous context handle. On success, the server returns an asynchronous context handle that is associated with the Session Context passed in the cxh parameter. On failure, the returned value is NULL. The asynchronous context handle can be used to make a call to the EcDoAsyncWaitEx method on the AsyncEMSMDB interface.

Return Values: If the method succeeds, the return value is 0. If the method fails, the return value is an implementation-specific error code or the protocol-defined error code listed in the following table.

Error code name





Server has asynchronous RPC notifications disabled. Client either polls for notifications or calls the EcRRegisterPushNotifications method (section

Exceptions Thrown: No exceptions are thrown beyond those thrown by the underlying RPC protocol as specified in [MS-RPCE].