UpdateItem Operation

The UpdateItem operation updates Post objects on the server. This operation is specified in [MS-OXWSCORE] section

The following is the WSDL port type specification for the UpdateItem operation.

 <wsdl:operation name="UpdateItem">
      <wsdl:input message="tns:UpdateItemSoapIn" />
      <wsdl:output message="tns:UpdateItemSoapOut" />

The following is the WSDL binding specification for the UpdateItem operation.

 <wsdl:operation name="UpdateItem">
    <soap:operation soapAction="http://schemas.microsoft.com/exchange/services/2006/messages/UpdateItem"/>
       <soap:header message="tns:UpdateItemSoapIn" part="Impersonation" use="literal"/>
       <soap:header message="tns:UpdateItemSoapIn" part="MailboxCulture" use="literal"/>
       <soap:header message="tns:UpdateItemSoapIn" part="RequestVersion" use="literal"/>
       <soap:header message="tns:UpdateItemSoapIn" part="TimeZoneContext" use="literal"/>
       <soap:body parts="request" use="literal"/>
       <soap:body parts="UpdateItemResult" use="literal"/>
       <soap:header message="tns:UpdateItemSoapOut" part="ServerVersion" use="literal"/>

The following table summarizes the set of WSDL message definitions that are specific to the UpdateItem operation.

Message name



The UpdateItemSoapIn message is specified in [MS-OXWSCORE] section It specifies the UpdateItem operation request to update one or more Post objects on the server.

The UpdateItem element ([MS-OXWSCORE] section that specifies the XML request MUST contain an ItemChanges element ([MS-OXWSCORE] section that contains one or more ItemChange elements ([MS-OXWSCORE] section

Each ItemChange element MUST contain an ItemId child element ([MS-OXWSCORE] section with an Id attribute ([MS-OXWSCORE] section that identifies the Post object.

An ItemChange element MUST NOT contain an OccurrenceId child element ([MS-OXWSCORE] section or a RecurringMasterItemId child element ([MS-OXWSCORE] section for a change to a Post object.

Each AppendToItemField element ([MS-OXWSCORE] section and SetItemField element ([MS-OXWSCORE] section in the request MUST contain a PostItem element of type PostItemType (section


The UpdateItemSoapOut message is specified in [MS-OXWSCORE] section It specifies the server response to the UpdateItem operation request.

In the response message, the Items element ([MS-OXWSCDATA] section contains one or more PostItem elements of type PostItemType.

The client sends a tns:UpdateItemSoapIn request WSDL message and the server MUST respond with a tns:UpdateItemSoapOut response WSDL message.