Processing the RopBackoff ROP Response

Any client reporting its version as 12.00.4228.0000 or later, as specified in [MS-OXCRPC] section, MUST support processing the RopBackoff ROP response buffer. The layout of this ROP is specified in section

The RopBackoff ROP can appear at any location within the RopsList field of the ROP output buffer. This ROP response indicates that the server requests the client delay the resending of ROP requests for the specified logon or for a type of ROP for a specified length of time. When this response contains a nonzero value in the RopIdBackoff field, as specified in section, it specifies the ROP request that is required to be delayed. The ROP response that was delayed and all subsequent ROP responses will not be in the buffer. When the BackoffRopCount field, as specified in section, is set to 0x00, all ROP requests for that logon are to be delayed.