Property: RESOURCES

RFC Reference: [RFC2445] section

Number of Instances Allowed: 0+

Format: Text ([RFC2445] section 4.3.11)

Brief Description: A resource (such as rooms or equipment) for a meeting.

Importing to Calendar objects

All instances of the RESOURCES property SHOULD<188> be parsed as a comma-delimited list of strings into a string array. For each string in the array:

  • All semicolons (Unicode character U+003B) MUST be filtered out.

  • All adjacent sequences of whitespace<189> MUST be compressed to a single space (Unicode character U+0020).

  • All whitespace<190> at the beginning and end of the string MUST be filtered out.

  • Zero-length strings MUST be ignored.

All remaining strings in the array SHOULD<191> be added to a list delimited by "; " (Unicode character U+003B followed by U+0020) in PidLidNonSendableBcc.

Exporting from Calendar objects

The semicolon-delimited entries in PidLidNonSendableBcc SHOULD<192> be exported as a comma-delimited list in a RESOURCES property.