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3.3 Hash Values from Son-of-SHA-1 Algorithm

The following table provides four examples of hash values that result from using the Son-of-SHA-1 algorithm on the indicated input values. For information about the Son-of-SHA-1 algorithm, see section 2.3.


Son-of-SHA-1 hash value

The string "abc"

FA12E295  9DB79C97  25338C0F  D4DE3E01  78C286BD

The string "abcdbcdecdefdefgefghfghighijhijkijkljklmklmnlmnomnopnopq"

48F6CE9F  DCF53F40  89200091  ED9739E1  7D73D975

A string consisting of 1,000,000 "a" characters

57338A4C  C33E70D4  3A3D3AD7  E93C85ED  E6996CCD

An empty string

7A790886  F5044A7B  DA812BA8  BFC286C4  F51E7B34

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