1.4 Relationship to Other Protocols

This protocol requires an Autodiscover server and an Autodiscover client that implement the Autodiscover Publishing and Lookup Protocol, as specified in [MS-OXDSCLI]. This protocol relies on HTTPS, as specified in [RFC2818], for data protection services and it relies on [RFC1034] for DNS services. It also relies on [MS-ADTS] and [RFC1823] for the service connection point object and LDAP, respectively.

The following data flow diagram shows a client querying the directory and DNS for an Autodiscover server, and the server publishing its location in the directory and DNS.

Autodiscover client and server interactions

Figure 1: Autodiscover client and server interactions

For conceptual background information and overviews of the relationships and interactions between this and other protocols, see [MS-OXPROTO].