Properties Read and/or Set Upon Submission

The following properties are checked and modified by the server on a message submitted with the RopSubmitMessage ROP request ([MS-OXCROPS] section

  • PidTagSentMailSvrEID (section If this property is present, the message is copied to the folder identified by this property after the message is sent out.

  • PidTagDeleteAfterSubmit (section If this property is set to 0x01, the message is deleted after the message is sent.

  • PidTagClientSubmitTime (section The PidTagClientSubmitTime property is set to the current time in UTC.

  • PidTagContentFilterSpamConfidenceLevel ([MS-OXCSPAM] section The server SHOULD set this property to 0xFFFFFFFF (-1). A client can use this value as part of junk e-mail or spam filtering.

  • PidTagMessageLocaleId ([MS-OXCMSG] section The server SHOULD set this property to the current user logon's language code identifier (LCID).

  • PidTagMessageFlags ([MS-OXCMSG] section If the mfResend flag in this property is set, the message is considered a resend message and the server will try to redeliver the message only to those recipients (1) who failed to receive it previously.

  • PidTagRecipientType (section If a message is a resend message, and if this property of a recipient (2) has the 0x80000000 bit set, the server ignores this recipient (2); if the PidTagRecipientType property of a recipient (2) has the 0x10000000 bit set, the server tries to redeliver the message to this recipient (2).

  • PidTagTargetEntryId (section When working in optimizing send mode and sending a message, a client creates a copy of the message in a server folder and can set the value of the new message's PidTagTargetEntryId property equal to the value of the PidTagEntryId property ([MS-OXCPERM] section 2.2.4) on the original message. Upon the invocation of the RopSubmitMessage ROP ([MS-OXCROPS] section, the server creates a copy of the submitted message and sets the value of the PidTagEntryId property to the value obtained from the PidTagTargetEntryId property. If the client sets the PidTagTargetEntryId property, the client keeps a copy of the submitted message in the Sent Items folder after submission. Eventually, the client will import the move in its local Sent Mail folder to the server. The server will find the matching item because the value of the PidTagEntryId property already exists on the server. Instead of requiring the client to upload the message content again, the server completes the operation by moving the copy of the submitted message already persisted on the server to the Sent Items folder (server side). More details about message moves are specified in [MS-OXCFXICS] section

  • PidTagEntryId: If the client has set the PidTagTargetEntryId property and not set the PidTagEntryId property, the server SHOULD generate a new ID value and assign it to the PidTagEntryId property.