Duplicate Detection for Conversation Action Processing

E-mail objects can be duplicated if two clients process a Move to Folder conversation action, as specified in section 2.2.8, on an incoming E-mail object simultaneously. If the server returned a version less than 14.0.324.0, as described in section 1.7, the client SHOULD<39> perform duplicate detection on incoming E-mail objects.

The client SHOULD<40> compare the PidTagSearchKey property ([MS-OXCPRPT] section on the incoming E-mail object to the PidTagSearchKey property of all recently delivered E-mail objects in the same folder.

If a matching E-mail object was found, the client SHOULD compare the unsigned values of the PidLidConversationProcessed property (section on both E-mail objects and delete the E-mail object with the smaller unsigned value, doing nothing if the unsigned values are equal.