2.2.2 Properties Shared with the Task-Related Object Protocol

The following properties are shared by this protocol and the Task-Related Object Protocol, which is specified in [MS-OXOTASK]:

  • PidLidTaskStartDate ([MS-OXOTASK] section

  • PidLidTaskDueDate ([MS-OXOTASK] section

  • PidLidTaskDateCompleted ([MS-OXOTASK] section

  • PidLidTaskComplete ([MS-OXOTASK] section

  • PidLidTaskStatus ([MS-OXOTASK] section

  • PidLidPercentComplete (section

  • PidLidCommonStart ([MS-OXCMSG] section

  • PidLidCommonEnd ([MS-OXCMSG] section

Unless noted in section through section, the semantics and accepted values of these shared properties are identical to those specified in [MS-OXOTASK].