2.3 dateTime Data Type

A dateTime is a primitive XML schema data type, as specified in [XMLSCHEMA2/2] section 3.2.7. It is declared as an element whose type attribute is set to "dateTime".

dateTime values are as specified in [ISO-8601].

All dates are given in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and are represented as a string in the following format.


YYYY = Year (Gregorian calendar year)

MM = Month (01 - 12)

DD = Day (01 - 31)

HH = Number of complete hours since midnight (00 - 24)

MM = Number of complete minutes since start of hour (00 - 59)

SS = Number of seconds since start of minute (00 - 59)

MSS = Number of milliseconds. This portion of the string is optional.

The T serves as a separator, and the Z indicates that this time is in UTC.

For example, 8:35 A.M. on December 25, 2000 would be represented as 2000-12-25T08:35:00.000Z.

Elements with a dateTime data type MUST be encoded and transmitted as [WBXML1.2] inline strings.