Component: DAYLIGHT

RFC Reference: [RFC2445] section 4.6.5

Number of Instances Allowed: 0+

Brief Description: A specification of the Daylight portion of the time zone.

Importing to Calendar objects

If more than one DAYLIGHT component is defined in the VTIMEZONE, only the DAYLIGHT component with the largest DTSTART SHOULD<61> be parsed. Alternatively, implementers MAY<62> parse the first DAYLIGHT component found within the VTIMEZONE, MAY<63> parse all STANDARD components found within the VTIMEZONE that have unique years in their DTSTART subcomponents, or MAY<64> fail to parse the iCalendar stream if more than one DAYLIGHT component is defined in the VTIMEZONE.

If no DAYLIGHT components are defined in the VTIMEZONE then all the bytes in the lDaylightBias, lStandardBias, stDaylightDate, and stStandardDate fields of the PidLidTimeZoneStruct MUST be set to 0x00.

Exporting from Calendar objects

If this time zone observes Daylight Saving Time, exactly one DAYLIGHT component MUST be exported for each VTIMEZONE.

If this time zone does not observe DST, this component SHOULD<65> be omitted.