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Expand All PidTagSwappedToDoData Property

Type: PtypBinary ([MS-OXCDATA] section 2.11.1)

The PidTagSwappedToDoData property ([MS-OXPROPS] section 2.1025) acts as the secondary flag storage location if sender flags or sender reminders are supported.<7> This secondary storage location can be used by the client to maintain a second set of the flagging-related property values that do not affect the flag state of the Message object.

Properties for a sender flag or a sender reminder can be stored in the PidTagSwappedToDoData property without exposing the sender flag or sender reminder information to the recipients (1) of the message. Similarly, properties for a recipient flag or a recipient reminder can be stored in the PidTagSwappedToDoData property for informational purposes on a previously sent message. For details about reminders, see [MS-OXORMDR].

The PidTagSwappedToDoData property contains the following fields. The mapping of these fields to the primary flag storage location is specified in each field description.













(wszFlagTo cont'd for 120 rows)





ulVersion (4 bytes): An integer that specifies the version of the PidTagSwappedToDoData property. This protocol specifies only version 0x00000001. The contents of the PidTagSwappedToDoData property MUST be ignored if the version number is not 0x00000001.

dwFlags (4 bytes): A set of bits that indicate the validity of the six member fields that correspond to properties. The bits specified in the following table are combined by using a bitwise OR operation.




The dwToDoItem field contains valid data.


The rtmStartDate field contains valid data.


The rtmDueDate field contains valid data.


The wszFlagTo field contains valid data.


The fReminderSet field contains valid data.


The rtmReminder field contains valid data.

dwToDoItem (4 bytes): An integer that corresponds to the PidTagToDoItemFlags property (section

wszFlagTo (512 bytes): A string of Unicode characters that corresponds to the PidLidFlagRequest property (section

rtmStartDate (4 bytes): An integer that corresponds to the PidLidTaskStartDate property ([MS-OXOTASK] section

rtmDueDate (4 bytes): An integer that corresponds to the PidLidTaskDueDate property ([MS-OXOTASK] section

rtmReminder (4 bytes): An integer that corresponds to the PidLidReminderTime ([MS-OXORMDR] section, PidLidReminderSignalTime ([MS-OXORMDR] section, and PidTagReplyTime (section properties.

When the contents of the primary flag storage location and secondary flag storage location are swapped, the contents of the rtmReminder field are written to the PidLidReminderTime, PidLidReminderSignalTime, and PidTagReplyTime properties, and the data in the PidLidReminderTime property is written to the rtmReminder field. For details about reminder properties, see [MS-OXORMDR] section 2.2.1.

fReminderSet (4 bytes): A Boolean value that corresponds to the PidLidReminderSet property ([MS-OXORMDR] section

The value in the rtmStartDate, rtmDueDate, and rtmReminder fields is stored as a 4-byte integer that is expressed as the number of minutes since 00:00:00 on January 1, 1601, in UTC. To indicate no date and time, the rtmStartDate, rtmDueDate, and rtmReminder fields are set to the value 0x5AE980E0.

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