Receiving a RopReadRecipients ROP Request

The RopReadRecipients ROP ([MS-OXCROPS] section is used to obtain information for all recipients (2) in the Message object, regardless of the number of recipients (2) on the message.

The server provides the recipient (2) information starting with the recipient (2) specified by the RowId field. If there is a recipient (2) with the given value of the RowId field, the server provides the information for that recipient (2) and as many recipients (2) as possible, limited by the number of actual recipients (2) in the message and the amount of recipient (2) information that fits in the response buffer.

When the value of the RowId field is 0x00000000, the server returns all recipients (2) for the message, beginning with the first recipient (2) and filling the response buffer with as many RecipientRow structures ([MS-OXCDATA] section 2.8.3) as will fit. If the message does not have recipients (2), the server returns the error ecNotFound.

The following specific error codes apply to this ROP.

Error code name





Recipient row RowId does not exist on the message.



Unable to fit at least one recipient (2) in the response buffer.



The InputHandleIndex on which this ROP was called does not refer to a Message object.