1.3 Overview

The best body algorithm determines the original, primary, or best format in which to transmit a message body to a client. The best body algorithm enables clients that are capable of handling multiple message body formats to determine which of the formats that they support is most like the original message. Requesting a message by using the best body algorithm maintains as much of the richness of the text and formatting in the original message as possible. The algorithm uses a combination of remote operations (ROPs) and property values to determine the best body format of the message. The best body format can be one of the following formats:

  • Plain text – This format cannot display colors, different fonts, or emphasis such as bold or italic text. Plain text is the most accepted messaging format. Most e-mail message readers can display messages in plain text format.

  • Rich Text Format (RTF) – This format displays colors, different fonts, emphasis, and formatting, such as bullets, text alignment, and linked objects.

  • HTML – This format is sent as an HTML page, complete with tags to change the appearance of the text. The recipient's e-mail client program then formats and displays the HTML.