PtypObject and PtypEmbeddedTable Types

Message store and address book servers treat these property type somewhat differently, but in both cases these property types represents a complex structure. Access to these properties requires the server to construct an object, and the client to issue requests similar to those used for top-level objects.

  • Message store servers do not allow access to properties of type PtypObject through the RopGetPropertiesSpecific ROP ([MS-OXCROPS] section or the RopGetPropertiesAll ROP ([MS-OXCROPS] section Instead, properties of this type MUST be accessed with the RopOpenStream ([MS-OXCROPS] section or RopOpenEmbeddedMessage ([MS-OXCROPS] section ROP requests.

  • Address book servers use the PtypEmbeddedTable type to designate properties whose value is a table, for example, the members of a distribution list. The necessary methods are specified in [MS-NSPI].