Processing the RopBufferTooSmall Response Buffer

The layout of the RopBufferTooSmall ROP is specified in section

The RopBufferTooSmall ROP response is the last ROP response within the RopsList field of the ROP output buffer, as specified in section 2.2.1. The RopBufferTooSmall ROP response indicates that the size of the ROP output buffer is insufficient to return responses for all of the ROP requests sent. The RequestBuffers field of the RopBufferTooSmall ROP response includes all ROP requests that were not processed by the server. The client SHOULD<14> resend the unprocessed ROP requests in a new call to the server via the EcDoRpcExt2 method or the Execute request type<15>. The value that the client specifies in the pcbOut parameter of the EcDoRpcExt2 method MUST be greater than or equal to the value of the SizeNeeded field of the RopBufferTooSmall ROP response. For more details about the EcDoRpcExt2 method and the pcbOut parameter, see [MS-OXCRPC] section For more details about the Execute request type, see [MS-OXCMAPIHTTP] section