8 Constructors

Types with a non-empty [constructors] property use a convention similar to that for members. This example includes a constructor:

4.97.4    BruleeToppingExtension

( usage )


( description )

Defines the way in which the topping on a brulée-style dessert is prepared.

[ types assignable to]

Brulee MarkupExtension Object

( used by)

FruitBrulee CremeBrulee

[ return value type]


[ constructors ]


          (2 parameters)





The thickness of the topping in 1/96th of an inch.




The extent to which the sugar is burnt: 0 for raw sugar, 1 for carbon.

Unlike members, which are identified by names, a constructor for a type is distinguished only by the number of parameters it has. This type has a single constructor that takes two parameters. This is interpreted as a Constructor Information Item, whose [arguments] contains one entry per parameter. The [arguments] list contains just XamlType Information Items – both the Double type in this case. Note that the type is the only formal part of the constructor argument – the name and description are only provided for informational purposes.