2.6 Property Name Structures

The PropertyName structure, as specified in section 2.6.1, describes a named property. It is used in RopGetPropertyIdsFromNames ([MS-OXCROPS] section and RopGetNamesFromPropertyIds ([MS-OXCROPS] section ROP requests.

The PropertyName_r structure, specified in [MS-NSPI], is an encoding of the PropertyName data structure. Strictly speaking, both the PropertyName_r structure and the PropertyName structure are distinct encodings of the same abstract data structure rather than PropertyName_r being an encoding of PropertyName. In this case, the semantics of the PropertyName_r structure is different from the PropertyName structure; PropertyName_r uses no string names, only long IDs (LIDs). The packet diagrams in sections 2.6.1 and 2.6.2 illustrate the differences between the two structures.