Processing Out of Office Rules

The server evaluates and executes Out of Office rules only when the mailbox is in an Out of Office state, as specified in [MS-OXWOOF] section

If a rule (2) has an action (2) of "OP_OOF_REPLY" and the ST_KEEP_OOF_HIST flag set in the PidTagRuleState property (section, the server MUST keep a history of recipients for that rule (2) and check whether the sender of the delivered message appears in the list for that rule (2). If the sender is on the list, the server SHOULD NOT<19> evaluate the rule (2). If not and the rule (2) condition evaluates to "TRUE", the server MUST add the sender to the list of recipients (2) for the rule (2) in addition to executing the rule (2) action (2). If the rule (2) condition evaluates to "FALSE", no additional action (2) needs to be taken.