2.2 Message Syntax

Message objects can be created and modified by clients and servers. Except where noted, this section defines constraints to which both clients and servers adhere when operating on Message objects.

Clients operate on Message objects using the ROPs as specified in section 2.2.3, and the Property and Stream Object Protocol, as specified in [MS-OXCPRPT] section 2.2.

Unless otherwise specified, all property constraints specified in [MS-OXPROPS] apply to Message objects. A Message object can also contain other properties defined in [MS-OXPROPS], but these properties have no impact on this protocol.

When a property is referred to as "read-only for the client", the server can return Success but not persist any changes to read-only properties.<1> Read-only properties that could not be saved are enumerated in the PropertyProblems field of the RopSetProperties ROP response, as specified in [MS-OXCROPS] section