2.2.1 OAB Messages

OAB data is stored as a set of properties and attachments on a message in the public folders message store.<1> The message is referred to as the full OAB message or differential OAB message. The location of this message is specified in section 3. Unless otherwise specified, the OAB messages adhere to the format specified in [MS-OXCMSG].

There are two types of OAB messages — full messages and differential messages — with some additional differences related to the version of the OAB. Full messages contain all of the information that is needed to create a current OAB. Differential messages contain enough information to update a previous OAB to a more current OAB. The following properties are common to all OAB messages that use public folder retrieval.

  • PidTagOfflineAddressBookName, as specified in [MS-OXOAB] section 2.12.3.

  • PidTagOfflineAddressBookSequence, as specified in [MS-OXOAB] section 2.12.4.

  • PidTagOfflineAddressBookContainerGuid, as specified in [MS-OXOAB] section 2.12.1.

  • PidTagOfflineAddressBookDistinguishedName, as specified in [MS-OXOAB] section 2.12.2.

  • PidTagSortLocaleId, as specified in section

  • PidTagMessageCodepage, as specified in section

  • PidTagParentEntryId, as specified in section

  • PidTagEntryId, as specified in section