2.2.6 Address Book-related Protocols

Protocols in this table enable access to address book, user, group, and resource information via a directory service or provide address book retrieval format information.

Protocol name


Short name

Address Book Name Service Provider Interface (NSPI) Referral Protocol

Redirects client address book requests to an appropriate address book server.


Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) Extensions for HTTP

Enables a client to access directory services on a server by sending HTTP requests and receiving responses returned on the same HTTP connection. This protocol extends HTTP and HTTPS.


Exchange Server Name Service Provider Interface (NSPI) Protocol

Enables Messaging API (MAPI) clients to access the directory service.


Address Book Object Protocol

Describes the properties of various Address Book objects, and how the properties of Address Book objects interrelate.


Address Book User Interface Templates Protocol

Describes the properties and operations that are permissible for address book templates.


Offline Address Book (OAB) Retrieval File Format

Enables clients to download full and incremental versions of the OAB.