3 Examples

Each of the following examples illustrate how one or more of the use cases described in section 2.5 can be combined to achieve specific end-user results. The examples show how the Microsoft Exchange Server system can be used for specific messaging tasks that map to real-life end-user scenarios. These examples are not meant to be exhaustive. However, many of these examples, once understood, can be applied to other similar real-life scenarios.

To reduce the complexity of the examples, each example is demonstrated using the protocol (for example, RPC or Exchange ActiveSync) that is most commonly used for the scenario in that example. In some cases, the same outcome can be achieved using other supported protocols as indicated in the use cases section, but these alternate methods will not be included in the example.

The following system-level examples are provided in this document:

  • Display the most recent message in the inbox

  • Compose and send an e-mail message with an attachment

  • Set up and display new mail notifications

  • Create an appointment request using free-busy data

  • Provision and synchronize a mobile client device for the first time