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3.3.5 Details


Figure 41: Setting up and displaying new mail notifications

  1. The client logs on to the mailbox per the use case described in section 2.5.2.

  2. The client obtains the FID for the Inbox folder from the Exchange server as a result of successful logon.

  3. The client registers for notifications for new mail, as described in [MS-OXCNOTIF], by referencing the Inbox folder's FID per the use case described in section 2.5.13.

  4. The client continuously monitors for RopPending ROP ([MS-OXCROPS] section result codes from ROP responses as well as RopNotify ROP responses ([MS-OXCROPS] section in the ROP response payload for notifications. The client will take appropriate action (for example, play a sound) when a new mail notification is received.

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