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6 Appendix A: Full IDL

For ease of implementation, the following full IDL is provided, where "ms-dtyp.idl" refers to the IDL found in [MS-DTYP] Appendix A. The syntax uses the IDL syntax extensions defined in [MS-RPCE]. For example, as noted in [MS-RPCE], a pointer_default declaration is not required and pointer_default(unique) is assumed.

 import "ms-dtyp.idl";
 [ uuid (1544f5e0-613c-11d1-93df-00c04fd7bd09),
 interface rfri
 long RfrGetNewDSA(
  [in]                       handle_t          hRpc,
  [in]                       unsigned long     ulFlags,
  [in, string]               unsigned char *   pUserDN,
  [in,out,unique, string]    unsigned char * * ppszUnused,
  [in,out,unique, string]    unsigned char * * ppszServer);
 long RfrGetFQDNFromServerDN(
    [in]                                     handle_t           hRpc,
    [in]                                     unsigned long      ulFlags,
    [in, range(10,1024)]                     unsigned long      cbMailboxServerDN,
    [in, string, size_is(cbMailboxServerDN)] unsigned char   *  szMailboxServerDN,
    [out,ref,string]                         unsigned char   ** ppszServerFQDN);
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