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Expand All Data Interpretation for Floating Appointments

The client SHOULD<91> interpret an object as a floating appointment if both of the following conditions are met:

  • The value of the PidLidAppointmentSubType property (section is TRUE.

  • The asfMeeting bit in the PidLidAppointmentStateFlags property (section is set to 0.

To correctly interpret the floating appointment, the client MUST use the TZRule structure that is marked with the TZRULE_FLAG_EFFECTIVE_TZREGflag in the PidLidAppointmentTimeZoneDefinitionStartDisplay property (section to convert the values of the PidLidAppointmentStartWhole (section and PidLidAppointmentEndWhole (section properties from UTC to the time zone described by the PidLidAppointmentTimeZoneDefinitionStartDisplay property. The client MUST interpret these two time properties at this calculated time regardless of any additional time zone considerations. When performing these calculations, the PidLidAppointmentTimeZoneDefinitionStartDisplay property is used for all time properties, including the PidLidAppointmentEndWhole property (section

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