Processing a RopOpenFolder ROP Request

When the server receives a RopOpenFolder ROP request buffer ([MS-OXCROPS] section from the client, the server parses the buffer. The server responds with a RopOpenFolder ROP response buffer. For details about how the server parses buffers and processes ROPs, see [MS-OXCROPS] section For details about how the server formats buffers for the response, see [MS-OXCROPS] section

The RopOpenFolder ROP succeeds only if a folder with the specified ID actually exists<11> and the client has sufficient access rights to view the folder.

The server opens the folder according to the setting of the OpenSoftDeleted bit of the OpenModeFlags field of the ROP request buffer. The server MUST ignore any invalid bits that are set in the OpenModeFlags field.

The following specific error codes apply to this ROP. For more details about ROP errors, see [MS-OXCDATA] section 2.4.

Error code name





The FID ([MS-OXCDATA] section does not correspond to a folder in the database,  or the client does not have rights to the folder, or the folder is soft deleted and the client has not specified the OpenSoftDeleted bit in the OpenModeFlags field.



The object that this ROP was called on is not a Folder object or Logon object.