Delegate Information Properties

The following properties are optional on a free/busy message:

  • PidTagScheduleInfoAutoAcceptAppointments ([MS-OXOCAL] section

  • PidTagScheduleInfoDisallowRecurringAppts ([MS-OXOCAL] section

  • PidTagScheduleInfoDisallowOverlappingAppts ([MS-OXOCAL] section

  • PidTagScheduleInfoDelegatorWantsCopy ([MS-OXODLGT] section

  • PidTagScheduleInfoDontMailDelegates ([MS-OXPROPS] section 2.966)

  • PidTagScheduleInfoDelegatorWantsInfo ([MS-OXODLGT] section

  • PidTagFreeBusyCountMonths ([MS-OXOCAL] section

If any of these properties is set on the free/busy message, the value MUST be equal to the value of the same property on the Delegate Information object. For details about the Delegate Information object, see [MS-OXODLGT].