Reading Working Hours

The client MUST read any existing settings from the configuration data message, as specified in section If any existing settings are found, the client MUST parse the XML document, as specified in section

If the client could not find a matching configuration data message and it used default values,<34> or if the user changes the preferred working hours through the client UI, the client MUST generate the XML document as specified in section and save it to the configuration data message as specified in section

When viewing the contents of another user's Calendar folders or displaying their free/busy status data, the client MUST attempt to open the other user's working hours configuration data message and translate the settings from the other user's time zone to the time zone of the client. The client MUST use the other user's preferred working hours in place of the client's settings when displaying the other user's Calendar folders.

If the client is unable to read the configuration data message from the other user's Calendar special folder (because the other user's message store is inaccessible or the client has not been granted sufficient permissions to access the special folder), the client MUST treat all times as being within the other user's preferred working hours.