2.7 string Data Type

A string is a chunk of Unicode text. It is an XML schema primitive data type as specified in [XMLSCHEMA2/2] section 3.2.1. An element of this type is declared as an element with a type attribute of "string".

Elements with a string data type MUST be encoded and transmitted as [WBXML1.2] inline strings.

Some string values are constrained to a particular set of values, which is included in the description of the element.

ActiveSync defines several conventions for strings that adhere to commonly used formats:

  • Byte Array (section 2.7.1)

  • E-mail Address (section 2.7.3)

  • Telephone Number (section 2.7.5)

  • TimeZone (section 2.7.6)

  • Compact DateTime (section 2.7.2)

Elements of these types are defined as string types in XML schemas, but commands that process such elements can return an error if the value of the element does not adhere to the expected format.