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Expand All RopLogon ROP Redirect Response Buffer

The following descriptions define valid fields for the RopLogonROP redirect response buffer.








ServerName (variable)


RopId (1 byte): An unsigned integer that specifies the type of ROP. For this operation this field is set to 0xFE.

OutputHandleIndex (1 byte): An unsigned integer index that specifies the location in the Server object handle table where the handle for the output Server object will be stored. For more information about Server objects, see section 1.3.1.

ReturnValue (4 bytes): An unsigned integer that specifies the status of the ROP. For this response, this field is set to 0x00000478.

LogonFlags (1 byte): A flags structure that contains flags that specify the type of logon. The possible values are specified in [MS-OXCSTOR] section

ServerNameSize (1 byte): An unsigned integer that specifies the length of the ServerName field.

ServerName (variable): A null-terminated ASCII string that specifies a different server for the client to connect to. The number of characters (including the terminating null character) contained in this field is specified by the ServerNameSize field.

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