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Type: PtypString ([MS-OXCDATA] section 2.11.1)

The PidLidToDoSubOrdinal property ([MS-OXPROPS] section 2.345) specifies a string that is used to break a tie for placement within a sorted list of Message objects. When the PidLidToDoOrdinalDate property (section is used to sort objects and two or more of the objects have the same value for this property, the objects with the matching values tie for placement in the list. In this case, the PidLidToDoSubOrdinal property is used to break the tie. If used, this property MUST be sorted lexicographically.

The component characters of the string consist of only the numerals 0 through 9. This property SHOULD be initially set to "5555555". The length of this property MUST NOT exceed 254 characters (excluding the terminating null character).

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