Processing RopCopyToStream

When the server receives a RopCopyToStream ROP request buffer ([MS-OXCROPS] section from the client, the server parses the buffer. The server responds with a RopCopyToStream ROP response buffer. For details about how the server parses buffers and processes ROPs, see [MS-OXCROPS] section For details about how the server formats buffers for the response, see [MS-OXCROPS] section

Servers SHOULD<13> implement this ROP as follows: The server MUST read the number of bytes requested from the source Stream object and write those bytes into the destination Stream object. The server MUST move the seek pointer of both the source and destination streams forward the same number of bytes as were copied.

The following error code SHOULD be returned when the scenario described in the Description column of the table is met.

Error code name





Destination object does not exist.