PidLidWorkAddressPostOfficeBox, PidTagHomeAddressPostOfficeBox, PidTagOtherAddressPostOfficeBox, PidTagPostOfficeBox Properties

Type: PtypString ([MS-OXCDATA] section 2.11.1)

The PidLidWorkAddressPostOfficeBox ([MS-OXPROPS] section 2.359), PidTagHomeAddressPostOfficeBox ([MS-OXPROPS] section 2.719), PidTagOtherAddressPostOfficeBox ([MS-OXPROPS] section 2.842) and PidTagPostOfficeBox ([MS-OXOABK] section properties specify the post office box portion of the contact's Work, Home, Other, or Mailing Address. The client and the server do not use these properties when generating the full address or when parsing the full address into components. Instead, they place the post office box data as part of the street address.

When a property in a physical address group is changed, as specified in section, these properties do not need to be updated.