SpVoice EnginePrivate event (SAPI 5.4)

Speech API 5.4
Microsoft Speech API 5.4

Object: SpVoice (Events)

EnginePrivate Event

The EnginePrivate event occurs when a private text-to-speech (TTS) engine detects a custom event condition boundary while speaking a stream for the SpVoice object.

A private event is a custom event defined by the TTS engine. This event allows engines to define a specialized event beyond the standard suite of events and send custom events to SpVoice objects as though they were standard events. There is no requirement that engines support this event. The SAPI 5 Microsoft engines do not use the EnginePrivate event. If using another manufacturer's engine, check their documentation for possible implementation of this event.

     StreamNumber As Long,
     StreamPosition As Long,
     EngineData As Variant


The stream number which generated the event. When a voice enqueues more than one stream by speaking asynchronously, the stream number is necessary to associate an event with the appropriate stream.
The character position in the output stream at which the private event occurs.
Data returned by the engine with the event. When using another manufacturer's TTS engine, consult its documentation for details.


No sample code is available. The event is unique to manufacturer's engines and will vary among engines. The SAPI 5 Microsoft engines do not use the EnginePrivate event.