SpPhoneConverter Interface (SAPI 5.4)

Speech API 5.4
Microsoft Speech API 5.4


The SpPhoneConverter automation object supports conversion between phoneme symbols and phoneme IDs.

Each language supported by SAPI uses a set of phonemes which represent all the meaningful sounds in that language. Each phoneme has a symbolic representation of its sound, and a numeric ID; in most languages, phoneme IDs are assigned sequentially. Please see the American English Phoneme Representation page for further details.

The following table shows a few English words transcribed into phoneme symbols and phoneme ID's.

WordsPhoneme SymbolsPhoneme IDs
onew, ah, n46, 12, 33
twot, uw41, 44
threeth, r, iy42, 38, 28
fourf, ao, r24, 13, 38
fivef, ay, v24, 16, 45
sixs, ih, k, s39, 27, 30, 39

Automation Interface Elements

The SpPhoneConverter automation object has the following elements:

LanguageId PropertyGets and sets the language id of the converter.
IdToPhone MethodConverts an array of phoneme IDs to a string of phoneme symbols.
PhoneToId MethodConverts a string of phoneme symbols to an array of phoneme IDs.