SpAudioFormat Interface (SAPI 5.4)

Speech API 5.4
Microsoft Speech API 5.4


The SpAudioFormat automation object represents an audio format.

Most applications using standard audio formats will use the Type property to set and retrieve formats. Non-standard formats using wav files will use SetWavFormatEx and GetWaveFormatEx to set and retrieve formats, respectively. Non-standard formats using sources other than wav files use Guid.

Automation Interface Elements

The SpAudioFormat automation object has the following elements:

Guid PropertyReturns the GUID of the default format.
Type PropertyGets and sets the speech audio format as a SpeechAudioFormatType.
GetWaveFormatEx MethodGets the audio format as an SpWaveFormatEx object.
SetWaveFormatEx MethodSets the audio format with an SpWaveFormatEx object.