Type: LABEL

RFC reference: [RFC2426] section 3.2.2.

vCard data format: LABEL;TYPE=[Type]:[Formatted Address]

Brief description: Structured mailing label for the object that the vCard represents.

Importing to Contact Objects

The LABEL type is ignored on import.

Exporting from Contact Objects

The physical address objects are exported as a formatted string that represents a mailing label. Labels are constructed from the Contact object fields that are listed in the following table.

Address label

Contact object properties


PidLidWorkAddressStreet ([MS-OXOCNTC] section

PidLidWorkAddressCity ([MS-OXOCNTC] section

PidLidWorkAddressState ([MS-OXOCNTC] section

PidLidWorkAddressPostalCode ([MS-OXOCNTC] section

PidLidWorkAddressCountry ([MS-OXOCNTC] section


PidTagHomeAddressStreet ([MS-OXOABK] section

PidTagHomeAddressCity ([MS-OXOCNTC] section

PidTagHomeAddressStateOrProvince ([MS-OXOCNTC] section

PidTagHomeAddressPostalCode ([MS-OXOCNTC] section

PidTagHomeAddressCountry ([MS-OXOCNTC] section


PidTagOtherAddressStreet ([MS-OXOCNTC] section

PidTagOtherAddressCity ([MS-OXOCNTC] section

PidTagOtherAddressStateOrProvince ([MS-OXOCNTC] section

PidTagOtherAddressPostalCode ([MS-OXOCNTC] section

PidTagOtherAddressCountry ([MS-OXOCNTC] section