Accessing Data Using Listing Controls

Mobile Web pages provide three mobile controls, List, SelectionList, and ObjectList, that you can use to display data from a database.

This section describes how you can bind data to these controls.

Creating an Object for a List from a Collection Element

Describes how a List control constructs a MobileListItem object from an element in the collection, and how to handle the selected item.

Data Binding a List or SelectionList Control

Describes how the List and SelectionList mobile controls render a view of data and provide interaction with data items.

Data Binding and Viewing Data Using an ObjectList Control

Describes how to use the ObjectList mobile control to provide a versatile view of data.

Differences Between ObjectList and List Controls

Provides a table detailing how the ObjectList control differs from the List control.

Differences Between the SelectionList and List Classes

Describes the differences in functionality between the SelectionList and List classes.

SelectionList Controls and Postbacks

Describes how to send responses through postbacks when using a SelectionList control.

SelectionLists and Index Values

Describes how the SelectionList control uses index values to reference items in a list.